Title: Dimke DelFocus - Delete the focus
Picture: Calmira II logo
Explanation: Dimke DelFocus allows to delete the focus of the current application / window and set it to Calmira's taskbar. So, this is similar to clicking on the taskbar or the desktop of win'95 and higher to take away the focus from the current window to prevent the system from accidentally deleting files or messing it up when the keyboard is hit by things falling onto it.
How it works: This application looks into windows' process table to find out the window handle of a window called "taskbar", which is part of Calmira II.
If Calmira is not running, i.e., this window cannot be found, the application gives an alert and terminates.
Otherwise the focus will be set to "taskbar", then the mouse cursor, which has turned to the hourglass symbol during this operation, is turned back to normal mouse pointer and the program exits successfully.
How to use: Just get the archive containing the windows exe file, unpack it into the directory of your choice and simply create a keyboard shortcut to it, for instance "Ctrl-Alt-Space", which is easy to remember.
Download Exe: exe_w16.zip
Download Src: src.zip
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