Title: Dimke Fake Date
Picture: Dimke Fake Date Screenshot
Explanation: The latest version of Cakewalk Pro Audio sequencer software for windows 3.1x is still version 4.5. It worked fine for years, but with the beginning of 2003 it simply refused to process audio data. This effect had been discovered as a bug in the function which is used to create the temporary wave files, containing the audio samples.
So, you could do one of the following:
Call Cakewalk hotline and tell them that you've discovered a bug in their win 3.1x software and ask them for a patch. (...LOL!...) But now, just serious:
You can either go for a new version and hope that it will not only contain new bugs, but also some old problems are solved. Well.
Or, perhaps you consider switching to an alternate product.
...Cubase, for instance. Well.

Or, you could try working with "Dimke Fake Date", which is a workaround for the Cakewalk bug.

How it works:

"Dimke Fake Date" is a true windows 3.1x application which had been tested under Windows 3.11 For Workgroups and Windows NT4.0.
It sets the system date to 'current day'.'current month'.2001, waits for the amount of seconds which are specified in the parameter given to the program, then resets the system date, displayes the correct date for 2 seconds, and closes.
After setting the system date the remaining seconds before resetting are constantly displayed blinking in the window title bar.
You can never forget to reset the system date to the correct value. So, it is very convenient to use and it is idiot proof!

How to use: First, start Cakewalk, go to File Open dialogue, select the file containing audio data ("Bundle" file), then start "fakedate.exe", either manually or using a keyboard shortcut, then click on "OK" in Cakewalk.
Now both processes, Cakewalk "load file" and the countdown in "Fake Date" run concurrently. When the time counter is down to zero, Fake Date automatically closes, but Cakewalk has its data in memory and the playback can be startet.
Note: You can start the application as follows: "fakedate.exe seconds", e.g. "fakedate.exe 60", or, if no parameter is given to the program the default value of 10 seconds apply.
Download Exe: exe_w16.zip
Download Src: src.zip
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