Title: Dimke GetHead
Picture: GetHead
Explanation: Dimke GetHead is a native CGI application which allows to query the header information of a certain file which is stored on a webserver.
This is extremely useful to evaluate the date and time stamp when the file was last updated on the server, or, to get information about the size i.e. the content length. Dimke Get Header information also provides you with detailed information about the type of webserver the file is stored on. You need this information to see if a webserver which you maintain needs attention and security updates because of possible exploits and to prevent successful hacking attempts.
How it works: Dimke GetHead is completely written in Perl for Unix and is based on the legendary LWP library which allows to communicate with any kind of webservers. For convenience purposes it is embedded into a CGI cast so that it can be easily invoked from your webserver's cgi directory.
How to use: First, get the zipped package, unzip it and transmit it to your webserver's cgi directory. Don't forget to chmod u+x gethead on the command line to make it executable. Be sure that the LWP library is installed because Web2Mail makes heavily use of the classes defined within this object oriented library. If it is not present then contact your system administrator or install it yourself.
To invoke it in the same manner as shown in the picture above just tpye http://www.your-domain.com/cgi-bin/gethead?http://www.domain-to-query.com/file.ext
Download package: gethead.zip
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