Title: Dimke Hide Application
Picture: Dimke Hide Application Screenshot
Explanation: This application consists of two little applications. They're called "hide" and "unhide".
It is especially useful if you leave your pc and don't want others to see what programs are running on your machine. So you have two choices, either you close them or you "hide" them.
As soon as you're back again, you just "unhide" all of them and continue working.
It's fascinating!
How it works:

As you can see in the source code, these two applications simply get the handle of the given program window and call "ShowWindow" as a part of the WinAPIs to chance the kind how they're displayed by windows.
For making the windows visible again just use "unhide" instead of "hide".

How to use: Calling convention: "hide application_name", e.g. "hide calculator" and thus for displaying it: "unhide calculator".
If you forget to specify which program window to un/hide, or if the program window cannot be found, you'll get a messagebox telling you that there was a mistake.
The two programs are compiled for Windows 3.1x and run without any modification on Windows NT also.
Download Exe: exe_w16.zip
Download Src: src.zip
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