Title: Dimke Kill Application
Picture: Dimke Kill Application Screenshot
Explanation: This application shows how a program can be terminated by destroying it's window.
If you know the window title of some program you can easily force it to close without getting asked whether the file you're working on for the past few hours should be saved or not.
Handle with care and use at your own risk.
I'm not responsible for any loss of data.
How it works:

When calling "killapp.exe" whatever parameter you give to the program within the command line is interpreted as the window title of the application you want to kill.
When the application is found then a "WM_QUIT" message is sent to the process which owns this window via the "PostMessage" command. Otherwise a messagebox tells you that the application could not be found.

How to use: Calling convention: "killapp application_name", e.g. "killapp calculator".
If you forget to specify which application to kill then you'll get a messagebox telling you that there was a mistake.
This program is compiled for Windows 3.1x and runs without any modification on Windows NT also.
Download Exe: exe_w16.zip
Download Src: src.zip
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