Title: Dimke Kuckucksuhr
Picture: Dimke Kuckucksuhr Screenshot
Explanation: This application is an attempt to imitate the original "Schwarzwälder Kuckucksuhr" ("Cuckoo Clock from the Black Forest").
It is a true Windows 16bit and 32bit program with a window and a menu and which plays a wave file called "kuckuck.wav" every 15 minutes, where at quarter past it is played once, at half it is played twice, at quarter to it is played 3 times and at every whole hour it is played 4 times.
The wave file is not included in the exe file. So the user can replace this wave file by any other audio file which he thinks fits better.
The total amount of used memory is 54kB and the application can run as a minimized icon in the background.
One limitation: If some other process is accessing the soundcard then "kuckuck.exe" will fail to concurrently access this device displaying an mci error.
How it works:

Just look into the source code to understand what's going on.

How to use: Calling convention: "kuckuck" with no parameter.
It's idiot proof!
But, be sure you copied the "kuckuck.wav" file into the same directory as the exe file. Otherwise "kuckuck.exe"/"kuck32.exe" will search for it there and afterwards in the windows directory, and if it cannot be found it won't play any sound.
Download Exe: exe_w16.zip; exe_w32.zip
Download Src: src.zip
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