Title: MKRandom - Create random numbers
Picture: Dimke MKRandom
Explanation: Dimke MKRandom allows to generate random numbers.
It is strongly recommended to use this application together with Dimke FileMail and Dimke Umfrage/ID to create the random numbers which are needed as unique IDs to make Dimke Umfrage/ID "hacking-proof".
How it works: Dimke MKRandom is completely written in Perl and can be accessed from the command prompt, i.e. shell.
How to use: First, start your favourite shell, where Bash, Korn and Bourne shell are recommended, then copy the script file to any place that is reachable by your $PATH variable.
Then make it executeable with the command "chmod +x mkrandom".
To get a short overview on how to use, type "mkrandom".
To use together with Dimke Umfrage/ID and FileMail you should do the following:
Append an additional field to each record in your FileMail address database, containing a unique ID.
"paste -d ';' address_list random_number_list > new_address_list"
This appends your records by an ID, one for each address record. Please be aware, that your database has now one field more, which you can access within FileMail. Then create a unique link for everyone who should get your email:
<a href="http://your_domain/cgi_path/umfrage.pl?ID=[[field_number]]">Please visit your survey</a>
which on the html page looks like this:
Please visit your survey
That's all!
Download package: mkrandom.zip
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