Title: Dimke Trumpet Monitor
Picture: Dimke Trumpet Monitor Screenshot
Explanation: This application uses the network trace date produced by Trumpet Winsock and extends it by the corresponding, plain ascii, human readable text.
How it works:

"Dimke Trumpet Monitor" is a true DOS application.
It can be invoked either in plain DOS, or in a DOS window running under Windows.
It takes the hex data, shown in the middle of the picture above, transforms it into the corresponding, plain ascii, human readable text and displays it, line by line, on the right side.

How to use: Calling convention: "trpmon inputfile > outputfile",
e.g.: "trpmon cgi101a.prt > cgi101a.txt".
Note: This is very convenient and fast when invoked from the command field in WinCommander / TotalCommander.
Download Exe: exe_dos.zip
Download Src: src.zip
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