Title: Dimke WinExec
Picture: Dimke WinExec Screenshot
Explanation: This tool allows to execute a list of commands, e.g. start multiple applications just by a double click.
If you, for instance, want to start aol, pegasus email and netscape, then you don't have to start them one after the other, instead you may write a command list like shown in the "sample.cmd" file. Just run Dimke WinExec by clicking on it's shortcut/link and Dimke WinExec executes your command list.
How it works:

Dimke WinExec opens and executes a given command list file, line by line until the "end of file" signal is retrieved.
See source code for details.

How to use: Just invoke this application manually or create a link for the start menu or the desktop. Calling convention:
[drive:\path\]winexec [drive:\path\]command_list_file],
e.g.: winexec sample.cmd
Download Exe: exe_w16.zip
Download Src: src.zip
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